Competition Themes 2019 – 2020

ThemeHand in dateJudging dateJudge
Monochrome11th September 201925th September 2019Steve Carr
Simplicity9th October 201923rd October 2019
Phil Chadwick
It's in the title13th November 201927th November 2019Richard Hainsworth
Elements15th January 202029th January 2020Kevin Hirst
High Key / LowKey12th February 202026th February 2020A E Dave Jones CPAGB
Open11th March25th MarchIan Stewart
Portfolio25th March 20208th April 2020Chris Kay


An image of any subject matter executed in black and white or varying tones of one colour. 












Create your fine art image by keeping it simple. Busy backgrounds can be distracting, set your subject against a simple background, make it stand out. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean keep it boring. Use photographic techniques such as negative space, bright colours, textures and bokeh to make your image stand out.











It's in the title

Taking your inspiration from the title of a verifiable film, book or song create and image that matches your title.


The Birds
Lady in red












Earth wind fire and water make up the 4 elements of our world. Convey these elements through your photography.












High or Low key

High key photographs have little or no shadows and usually evoke a feel of high energy or happiness. Often multiple light sources are used to create such images. Conversely low key photographs contain lots of deep shadows and in many cases lots of black to define the subject of the image, most commonly shot using a single light source. Use your knowledge of lighting techniques to produce you finest work.











An image of any subject matter executed in colour or monochrome.