Buckley Camera Club hold regular competitions where members may enter their images and receive constructive feedback from the independant judges invited to come along to critique and judge members images. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and improve your photographic skills. As well as internal club competitions there are a plethora of opportunities to enter images into local, national and international competitions should members wish to do so. Members images will be put forward to represent the club in local external competitions.

Independant judges come from a pool of judges assembled by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (P.A.G.B.) These judges are generally excellent photographers in their own right with years of knowledge and skills to draw upon when offering feedback.In assembling the list of judges the P.A.G.B. have certain criteria and guidleines that judges must adhere too and every judge goes through various selection and mentoring programmes before becoming an approved judge.

Marks and awards for any set of images will vary from judge to judge as photography is a very subjective art form.