Internal competition rules

General rules

  • Competitions are open to paid up members only.
  • Hand in dates will be published no later than the 1st week in May preceding the upcoming competition season, entries maybe submitted at any time but no entries will be accepted after the hand in date. 
  • All entries must be original pictures that are the work of the author.
  • All entries must have a title.
  • All entries must be submitted with the correct entry form showing the same title.
  • All entries with the exception of the portfolio competition must not have been entered into any previous Buckley Camera Club internal competition as a print or PDI.

Digital images

  • The maximum size for all images is 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high.
  • Images should be saved in .jpg format with sRGB colourspace.
  • Images will be supplied to the secretary on a memory stick clearly marked with your name.
  • Digital images will be projected onto a white screen, all areas outside of your image will be black, you may wish to add a keyline to your finished image.

Printed images

  • All images must be mounted on a 50cm x 40cm mount.
  • The print must be a minimum of 25cm on its longest side.
  • Your competition number and title will be on the top left corner on the rear of the mount in pencil.
  • Mounts must hot have stickers, labels, tape or ink on the rear.
  • Digital copies of your final prints must be submitted on a memory stick with your entries.