Tom Leach

I have always had an interest in photography, but for most of my life I was just a happy snapper. Firstly having cameras that used 110 film, then moving on to the “Big stuff” a Kodak Instamatic 32. And after my Dad passed I inherited a Zenit EM, the camera of the Moscow Olympics, although I must say that I never really learnt how to use it and Film and processing was Starting to get pricy as far as I was concerned. 

Moving on whilst working at Chester City Council, and part of my job meant me having to use one of these new fangled Digital Cameras, and I was quite taken by them and what they could do with the use of a computer (this was in the late 1990’s) So in 2001 when we went to Florida I had my first Digital camera, an Olympus Camedia C-840L that was a whopping 1.3 meg. 

The same as most people over the next 10 years or so I gradually got slightly better Cameras although still a happy snapper.  Then in 2014 thanks to my wife Anne I got my first “real” Camera a Sony @58, an since I have started to accrue a number of different lenses to allow me to try out different types of photography, many that I really enjoy.  Shortly after getting the Camera I sought out a local Camera Club and was blissfully happy just going along with the flow, but after a period of about 2 years I found that I was disillusioned in Camera club life and left. 

But somewhere between 6 and 12 months I felt that something was missing, and with 3 others in a similar position we decided that we may as well have a go at starting our own club, and here we are in a relatively short time we have a happy close knit and very friendly club. 

And I find myself in a position that I never thought that I would ever aspire to or have the Honour of being, the Clubs Treasurer. I believe that as I’m partially Disabled I couldn’t run away fast enough when at the early meetings the tasks/positions were handed out I was It.         

After just 2 years I believe that I have learnt so much from our tutorial evenings at the club and improved as a photographer in many ways. I am also pleased to say that I have made a good amount of friends from all walks of life, that without the club I probably would have never met.