ThemeHand in dateJudging dateJudge
The Great Welsh Outdoors10th November 202124th October 2021TBC
Monochrome8th December 20215th January 2022
Framed12th January 202226thJanuary 2022TBC
Shadows9th February 202223rd February 2022TBC
Threes16th March 202230th March 2022 TBC
Open6th April 202220th April 2022TBC


Wales is a beautiful country so lets showcase it with the best of  the great welsh outdoors. Your images can be colour or monochrome, all we ask that they are  taken in the great outdoors of Wales.


Taking the colour palette out of your photographs really makes you think about composition and lighting, make the best monochrome images you can for this competition. Your images should be black and white or varying tones of a single colour like the exapmles below. 


Use an element to frame your subject matter within a frame. Shoot through a window, a door, an archway etc etc. See the examples below. 


Shadows in photography can be used in a creative way or to add drama to an image. Using natural light or electronic light / flash create something special. See examples below. 


Three is the magic number here, make the number 3 prominent within your image. 3 of the same subject, 3 different subjects, 3 elements with in the image or even a triptych if you wish, see examples below


This final round is usually where the certificates are won and lost. Use all your skills to create the very best images you can. Your images can be in colour or monochroms and can feature any subject mater you like.