Peter Armstrong

I started to take pictures/photos in my early teens when I was given a second hand Ilford Sprite 127 approx 1964. When I had my paper round at 14 I saved and bought my first 35mm camera a Zenith 3
approx 1964,  around the same time I joined Flint Photographic Society a very posh name but we met in an old Pub (now gone) in Church street Flint it also has a darkroom in one of the rooms, which encouraged me to make my own in the old coal shed of our house in Flint and at that time i used to develop my own B/W pictures..great fun at 14!

Around 16 I got interested in motor bikes and then cars etc and lost interest in taking pictures, roll on to the birth of my son my interest was reawakened and I then bought a "decent camera" a Pentax ME super

I had various digital camera's when they came out including a Sony camera that stores your photos on a floppy disc!! When I retired in 2014 I bought myself a "decent camera" a Nikon D7100 and looked for a club to reawaken my interest and found it in Buckley Camera Club!