Preparing prints for commercial printing

To keep things simple and effectively manage bulk ordering of prints for multiple members at the same time there are a set of standards that we will need to adhere to.

1) Regardless of the actual print size required, it will be printed on a 16” x 12” paper
2) When sizing the image to the final size it must be at 300dpi
3) All orders shall be in SRGB jpg format

To prepare your print for ordering you should crop, edit, size your print in the normal way and then save it. This saved copy is the copy you will need to hand in on your memory stick along with your print to the competition secretary. 

Once you have your images finished and you wish to send them for commercial printing you need to put them on a 16 x 12 white background, to set up the background, in Photoshop go to File > New or Ctrl+ N to bring up the new file dialogue window.

Set the window up as shown above

Width 16 - measurement scale to inches
Height 12
Resolution 300 pixels/inch
Color mode RGB - bit depth 16
Background contents  - white
Advanced options colour profile to sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Pixel aspect ratio - Square pixels

Once done scroll back to top and click the icon to the right of preset details, give your document a name (20 x 16 blank canvas) and click save preset. Once you have save it as a preset it will show up in the saved tab of the new file window for future use with no need to set it all up again. 

Now you have your white background, open the image you wish to send for printing, Ctrl + A to select all of the image, Ctrl + C to copy the image, go back to the white background and Ctrl + V to paste the image onto the background. Now "save as" and save to your folder with the image name. 


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